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Wild kids of Tad Lo
  • Wild kids of Tad Lo

  • We settled in Tad Lo well and quickly fell in love with it. It was a tiny little village right on a beautiful waterfall. We were staying in a small bungalow made of bamboo, wood and straw and, what's best, it was almost touching the river. People were very open and friendly. They passed their calm and joyful attitude t[...]
Hammocking at 4,000 Islands
  • Hammocking at 4,000 Islands

  • Our arrival to Laos begun with a scam on border with Cambodia. Unfortunately even though we knew we were being scammed we couldn't do anything about it. We didn't pay, we didn't get the visa. Simple. In the end everyone pays, just for the sake of peace of mind. From the border we went straight to Don Det at 4,000 I[...]
  • Into the "jungle"

  • We were told that the bus from Siem Reap to Stung Treng would take 12h. It took 15h. Only 3 hours late, not a big deal, but after all day in a crapy bus we really needed to get out. We arrived at 8pm and on the way we had to take another bus-full of passengers on board. Their fancy air conditioned bus with big seats an[...]
  • Angkor What?

  • Cambodia could not be ticked off the bucket list without seeing Angkor Vat and the time came that we went to Siem Reap. We were procrastinating for a long time, finding any excuse for not going there just yet, but our visa was not unlimited and time started to shrink. The only reason we were not overly excited about Si[...]
  • Arty Xmas in Battambang

  • Getting out of the floating village took us some time. It was also quite an experience. When the boat took us back to the shore motobike drivers were waiting there for us almost killing each other over who was to take us. As soon as we touched land they jumped on our boat and snatched our bags. We didn't like it at all[...]