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  • Meeting place of drama and romance

  • Popular belief says that Venice is the most romantic city of the world. Well, there is a big rival to that title. Wait for Hoi An to switch on its thousands lanterns and you'll wish your boyfriend proposed to you right there and then. When night falls over the city, it responds with an explosion of colour and light. R[...]
  • It rains even in paradise

  • Rain and mist followed us from Halong Bay all the way to Tam Coc some 200km down. It was a little bit warmer, but humidity and rain started to become unbearable. Since the day we crossed the border with Vietnam two weeks earlier we were cold and wet, our shoes stunk from humidity and our good moods were getting more an[...]
  • DIY Halong Bay

  • Staying in Hanoi and not visiting Halong Bay? Cannot be! The world famous gorgeous Halong Bay was high on our list of desires and we would not be discouraged by rain, mist and cold. February is probably the worst month to visit, but we didn't care much. We had to see it, one way or another. 99% of people visiting Halon[...]
  • Hustle and bustle of oriental dame

  • Hanoi... Whenever I heard this name in the past I thought of a far away place, as exotic as Deli for the first Englishmen, with streets overflowing with motorbikes and food everywhere at every hour. Busy, mixed, mingled and turned up side down. And it is exactly how we found it. After almost two months in ru[...]
  • Catch me if you can

  • Vietnam started off eventfully right from the very beginning. The journey from Luang Namtha in Laos to Dien Bien Phu in Vietnam was a taxing 12h bus ride on narrow windy roads in the mountains. To add chill to already nauseating ride, most part of the road on the Vietnamese side was in construction, so apart from narro[...]
  • LAOS

  • "One need only set foot in Laos to feel that there is something uniquely poetic in the air. The days are long and slow, and the people have a tranquil sweetness that is not found elsewhere in Indochina." Tiziano Terzani, A fortune teller told me. Arriving in Laos was like entering a time bubble where days run slower[...]
Opium Grannies of The Golden Triangle
  • Opium Grannies of The Golden Triangle

  • Rubbing shoulders with China and Burma, Luang Namtha was within the infamous opium imperium of The Golden Triangle. We would have never guessed it. It looked like so many other little towns we have seen. The only hint to the contrary were three Akha grannies walking the streets of Luang Namtha, selling hand-made bags a[...]
Sailing the waters of Nam Ou river
  • Sailing the waters of Nam Ou river

  • After a very bumpy drive north we arrived to a tiny town of Nong Khiew. It was tranquil, pretty and friendly. Tucked at the feet of tall limestone mountains, it was divided in two by Nam Ou river. It was just a perfect spot for spending a few active days after the laziness of Luang Prabang. We arrived to Nong Khiew at [...]
Buddhist monks with hot crossaints
  • Buddhist monks with hot crossaints

  • Luang Prabang always sounded exotic and mystically intriguing. Buddhist Mecca, town of saffron-robed monks and golden temple roofs. We imagined it a little bit shabby, scruffy and worn out. A place where time stopped or had never arrived. What we found instead was way beyond our imagination. Both for good and bad. [...]
The Loop
  • The Loop

  • We left Tad Lo on a local bus that took forever. It kept stopping for long breaks and continued to pick up more and more supplies on the way. By the time we arrived to Thakhaek in Central Laos the back of the bus and aisle were totally blocked by rice sacks, lower baggage space was packed with live piglets and the top [...]
Wild kids of Tad Lo
  • Wild kids of Tad Lo

  • We settled in Tad Lo well and quickly fell in love with it. It was a tiny little village right on a beautiful waterfall. We were staying in a small bungalow made of bamboo, wood and straw and, what's best, it was almost touching the river. People were very open and friendly. They passed their calm and joyful attitude t[...]
Hammocking at 4,000 Islands
  • Hammocking at 4,000 Islands

  • Our arrival to Laos begun with a scam on border with Cambodia. Unfortunately even though we knew we were being scammed we couldn't do anything about it. We didn't pay, we didn't get the visa. Simple. In the end everyone pays, just for the sake of peace of mind. From the border we went straight to Don Det at 4,000 I[...]