Day 10: In pursuit of hoppiness

Our next destination was Abel Tasman National Park, but we got distracted on the way by art and beer of Nelson. We were meant to stop there for quick grocery shopping and a visit to information centre, when we got side-tracked by Nelson’s many art studios and pubs with locally brewed craft beer. Red Gallery was our absolute favourite. I loved their artwork and Ale loved their coffee. So we were both happy. As for beer, we drove to Moutere Inn, the oldest pub in NZ (so they say), recommended for the best hoppy selection. We got there right after lunch, so it was not surprising that the pub was deserted. There was only a small group of locals who were betting on where we were coming from. They welcomed us with “Hey guys, where are you from?” and were disappointed by our answer. Guess none of them was right. They left the pub with hurt feelings and we ordered a “Beer Tasting Platter” with four 200ml glasses of different beer staring with Cider and ending with Russian Brew. All of them yummy. Very yummy. So yummy we drunk them too fast and were a little bit unfit to drive. We decided to sober up with a play of chess before finally heading where we were meant to. It was getting dark though and we had to anchor for the night. We got lucky again, as we found another stunning location right on the beach of McKee Scenic Reserve only 30km away from Abel Tasman Park.











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