Day 13: Due palle day

Last night we finally found use for TV we have in the van. We used it as socks dryer! After doing laundry we needed all the space we could afford for drying clothes. String that we have in the van is so short it only fits two t-shirts, so we had to hang all the rest anywhere we could. The night was so cold and humid that the clothes were even more wet than before. Thankfully where was a dryer in the campsite and we had clean warm pants and socks! Wow.

After enjoying the peace and quiet of Rotoiti Lake we had to hit the road again. We were going south to Franz Joseph Glacier, but we stopped in a few points on the way. First we went to see the other lake in Nelson Park, Rotoroa Lake. It was equally pretty as Rotoiti, but even more laid back and wild. We couldn’t stay for long though, as we wanted to get as far south as possible.
Along the way we made a few more stops, mostly to take a photo or two. The only exception was Hokitika Gorge, where we side-tracked 30km off the road. It is a sight to see, because it’s hard to believe how turquoise water in that gorge is. It looks like a milky plastic melt that runs within white rock canyon. Apparently it’s the mix of glacier water and rock powder that gives the water such a surreal colour. I’d go for a swim if was a little bit warmer.

in the evening, after all day driving we had “due palle cosi”. Sitting all day in a closed car without music (radio doesn’t work far from major cities and there is no plug-in for iphone in the van) going up and down on winding roads is fun for the first 2 hours, but not all day driving. In the end breakfast, lunch and snacks were trying to come up all at once and we had to find a place to stop. We anchored close to Okarito and couldn’t resist from taking a few pics to cheer ourselves up.








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