Day 17: Queenstown – running away from NZ dollar capital

We drove down to Queenstown the night before and spent an evening back in civilised world. I must admit it’s nice to go back there from time to time. We ate out, had Spanish churros with dark chocolate and promenaded in the harbour all dressed up in our cleanest clothes. Never mind couches of Japanese tourists and shops with tacky souvenirs. Tourist dollars must flow somewhere and Queenstown is the place.

Before getting there we had in mind doing something crazy in Queenstown, after all it’s adrenaline capital of the world and you find any sort of thrilling activities there. After considering all the options we decided to do mountain biking. Apparently Queenstown is a mountain biking mecca, so we wanted to give it a shot. It turned out we picked day when bike park was closed for maintenance works. Damn! We had to content ourselves with recreational bike trip around the lake, which was great as well. Nothing adrenaline pumping, but good for those tight calves from walking.

Queenstown is not a place for people on a budget, so after a joyful cup of coffee in Patagonia Cafe and the bike ride, we jumped in the van and headed south to Te Anau. We had quite a lot to plan once we got there. There was plenty to do in the area and having limited time allowance, we had to make some hard decisions. In the end we settled on hiking Kepler Track and kayaking in Milford Sound.






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