Day 19: Regeneration day and road to Milford

Weather forecast said it was supposed to rain today so we booked our kayaking trip for tomorrow and made it a regeneration day after Kepler Track. We had a slow breakfast in deluxe kitchen of our four star holiday park, did some grocery shopping, had a beef pie each and left Te Anau after lunch. Milford was 100km up at the end of the only road going in that direction. After Milford there was only Tasman Sea and the ocean. The road to Milford was so picturesque we had to stop several times to immortalise the views. In the late afternoon we arrived to Key Summit, which was recommended to us as a spot for fantastic panorama. The walk took us 3 hours and the views from the top were truly delicious. The light was gold and warm and the visibility crystal clear. Sweet!

When we got back down we stopped for the night at campground closest to Milford that we could find. It was 40km away but it was worth staying there. It was located on the shore of Gunn Lake – one of many beautiful alpine lakes in the area. It’s water was so clean we could drink it without boiling or treating. “It’s as good as gold,” a campground’s caretaker once told us. We had no reason not to trust him. Where could you find purer water than in Southern Alps of New Zealand?









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