Day 20: Morning Glory

We were still dreaming snow-peaked mountains and hot beef pies, when alarm clock rang at outrageous 4.50am. Well we were to blame. We signed ourselves up for 6.30 “Morning Glory” kayaking adventure. Plus we had an hours drive to do and breakfast to gobble up. It all took us more than we calculated, but we managed run into meeting room of Rosco’s Adventures just in time (never mind tooth brushes were sticking out of our pockets).

The morning was crisp and clear giving us a promise of unspoiled views and friendly waters. And we indeed had an amazing day. We were paddling along 700m walls of granite rock, fierce waterfalls, cozy beaches and seals resting on sharp rocks. It was 5 hours of peace and joy. The water was calm in the early morning, but it got much rougher later on and by midday we were in trouble paddling against strong winds from the Tasman Sea. We picked the tour with the longest route and our arm muscles definitely felt it (not that I have much of them). Thankfully there was a water taxi that was taking us back. Paddling all the way back was out of the question. We kayaked 20km out and it took us half an hour to get back to port on water jet.

It was a fantastic day! Kayaking is by all means the best way to see Milford Sound from up close. Never mind the pain in the arms. “What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger”, says a Polish proverb. What’s best we were done by lunch time and still had plenty of time to explore the area. When we were satisfied with Milford, we jumped back in the van and headed back north stopping in Te Anau for a quick shower. We were heading to Mt Cook Village in the Alps and had a few hundreds kilometers to knock down so we drove as far as we could and stopped at a resting area for the night.













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