Day 27: Nydia Walk and treat at Pelorous River

Sun came out!!! Yahoooooooooo… what a joy to feel rays of sun warming our faces! Finally. We got up early, dressed quickly and went on an 8h walk that we hoped for. The whole track was 27km long and was suposed to take 2 days. We didn’t have the means of doing it over 2 days, so we went in for 4 hours and then came back, walking a total of 22km. It was a very pretty walk in native forest. The path went along the coast crossing streams, palm groves and patches of young ferns. We ended the walk at Nydia Bay hidden so deep inside the Sounds, it seemed like a piece of paradise. There were no people and no boats around. Its turquoise waters were calm and spotless clean. We wished we had a tent with us so that we could stay there overnight. Unfortunately after a short break for a sandwich and muesli bar, we had to go back. We had another 4h to walk and another hour to drive in order to get back to the populated world.
In the evening we treated ourselves to a stay at a proper campsite with all the amenities a tired traveller can dream of – hot shower, clean kitchen and a patch of green grass. Very few DOC campsites (DOC stands for Department of Conservation) were so well equipped so we took advantage and booked in straight away. All the more that the campsite was on the edge of Pelorous River, one of locations that star in LOTR and The Hobbit.






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