Day 15-16: Welcome to heaven

What we got in the campground was just a taster of Wanaka’s beauty. We were planning to stay one day in the area, but it was not enough. The truth is an eternity wouldn’t be enough. We stayed there for two days and did two completely different but equally stunning tracks.

We got to Wanaka on a Sunday and I must say we were in a slow Sunday mood too. We had appetite for a high mountain, but no energy for a challenge. We went on a 4 hour Rob Roy Glacier Walk instead. Fairly light, shady and with great views. It was perfect for our moods, all the more that the track finished with stunning views of Rob Roy Glacier. I must say that was a kind of a glacier I was expecting to see in Franz Joseph and Fox. The ice was pure white, shiny and clean, decorating the tranquil but ferocious mountain. Standing there, right under the foot of this massive mountain, we felt insignificant in front of nature’s mightiness. What’s more, there were hardly any people around and we could enjoy the view and crispy alpine air in peace.

The day after, that fresh air was a distant memory. We got hot, sticky and sweaty climbing Roy’s Peak. The weather was perfect which meant undisturbed views, but also climbing in direct sun. It didn’t disturb us though. We had a few days of walking behind us and we were getting fit and resistant. Still every step towards the peak was absolutely worth the effort. We have never seen anything like that in our lives. The panorama was breath-taking. It’s going to be hard to beat that view. Lake Wanaka and Mt Aspiring Range were showing their whole beauty in undisturbed fine weather. Looking at the lake from the top we were day dreaming about jumping in to wash off all the dust and sweat and we did just that when we got back down. We drove to the closest beach and went for a swim. The water was ice cold, no surprise there, but it actually did us good. All the tiredness and overheating disappeared instantly. We felt more alive than ever.


















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